New York rejected Fidelity deal over market share concerns

New York rejected Fidelity deal over market share concerns. New York regulators rejected Fidelity National Financial’s acquisition of Stewart Information Services because the combination would have a dominant share of title insurance in the state.

New York regulators reject Fidelity’s acquisition of Stewart. By.. KBRA believes that regulators may have concerns over a combined 44% market share. This does not mean the deal will not got through, but some concessions and/or divestitures would likely be needed,” the outlook continued.. the Federal Trade Commission’s Hart-Scott.

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Is Fidelity In Trouble?. credit rating forecast for Fidelity Investments, citing concerns over the erosion of the firm’s market share in its. that poorly and losing market share to rivals?.

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The various FNF subsidiaries did $338 million, or 30% of the total, while Stewart Title Group did $209 million, or 19%, for a combined pro forma share of approximately $547 million, or 49% of the New York market. In addition, there were concerns regarding FNF’s control of the market regarding business from independent title agents.

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The $1.2 billion merger of Fidelity National Financial and Stewart Information Services just hit a major stumbling block, as New York’s top financial regulators recently told the title insurance.